Our Application Areas & our Business

Project Drawing

CAGLA Engineering, is a very experienced company about producing projects.

Steel Projects

It is very important to draw steel projects. .

Concrete Projects

Concrete projects are drawn by our company with a high

Steel Manufacturing Projects

It is very important the tolerences that is mm degrees.

Assembly Projects

Assembly projects, drawn for site... After all, the as-built projects are drawn.


Cagla Engineering


Assembly projects, As-built projects...

Consulting / Controlling / Organisation

Organisation, Consulting and Inspection are our business, also.

Technical Application Responsibility

TUS, Technical Application Responsibility...

Multi-story Steel Structures Subway Stations Car Parking Buildings
Factories Industry Complexes Residential Buildings
Sport Halls Bus Stations Restaurants
Cultural Centers Agricultural and Industrial Structures School Buildings
Steel Bridges Airports Security Buildings
Steel Trusses Slaugtherhouses Hospital Buildings
Oil Stations Multi-story Garages Villas
Showrooms Galeries  and Exhibition Halls Wharehouses and Entrepos

Steel is a building material;
and we use it to build future.


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