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CAGLA Muhendislik (Engineering) was founded in 1993 in Ümraniye, Istanbul. The world Engineering is deliberately used in company name, opposed to widely used version “Construction” in Turkey. The reason was to be an alternative in structure systems, create a difference without any concession and in accordance with engineering principles and structures. From day one until today, it realized all activities in the most economical, good quality and truthful way.

CAGLA Muhendislik was penetrated into the sector with direct project development and started implementation respectively. In accordance with positive development in retail business in 1994, it started to build Shopping Malls. The sector has been rewarded by CAGLA Muhendislik with more then 70 Shopping Mall projects. “Total clarity” being a company motto,” Cost+ optimum Profit” was how most of the projects were implemented.

CAGLA Muhendislik believed that all structures are safe against earthquakes having a correctly planned structural system and an authentic auditing phase. The advantages of concrete to steel structure or vice versa can vary due to regional facts, function of the structure, domestic building technology level and labor cost. The type of structure can be preferred as “only steel” “only concrete” or “a combination of both systems”. CAGLA Muhendislik choose to use “ A signature in Steel Stucture…”slogan and be an expert in this field. Accomplishing important projects, it also took a significant role in this line of work.

Being in total control of all stages from designing to project planning, production and assembling, CAGLA Muhendislik also trained the managerial and technical teams accordingly. During designing and project planning, improved software programs such as StaadPro, Xsteel, StrucCAD, Sta4CAD, AutoCAD, Probina are used and having wide ranged machine lines and equipments in production and assembly the company made and continue to make maximum quality of work.

CAGLA Muhendislik realized many projects since 1996 and worked for prestigious and important firms such as İstikbal Mobilya, Boydak Holding, Reysaş Lojistik, İstek Vakfı, Delphi Packard, Koray, Kar Yapı, Teksan Jeneratör, Gökbora Uluslararası Nakliyat, Kalyon İnşaat, Tai Tusaş Havacılık, SRG Grup, Bayram Polat A.Ş, Bulur Tekstil, Kaya Ramada and built a “high customer satisfaction” undestanding with them. It also became a well known and esteemed Steel Constraction Firm thanks to its quality and economical solutions.

The company gave necessary importance regarding safety and welfare of the workers, following the lead of “A class firms” in related field. This issue was verified; through “ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate” in quality wise, through “OHSAS 18001 Labor Welfare And Security Management System Certificate” in regard of welfare and through “ISO 140001 Environment Management System” in regard of and environmental awareness. Also, CAGLA Muhendislik is the Member of the Turkish Constructional Steelwork Association.

CAGLA Muhendislik constructed production facilities, sport and cultural centers, steel bridges, hospitals, warehouses, villas, shopping malls and multi-storey steel structures. CAGLA Muhendislik has well-educated, strong, successful and dynamic team in construction field, with whom has the capacity of building bigger and more complex structures thanks to its expertise and know-how.

As a result, CAGLA Muhendislik will continue to operate following its vision; “ being a global company in the future through investments made toward manpower, nature and quality “ its mission ;”producing in high standards, existing as an alternative in construction sector, being among leading companies in real engineering structures in a country subject to earthquake zone, representing our country in global arena among foremost companies” and it’s goal; “being trustworthy”.

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